Community Garden

Groundwork Rhode Island’s Community Garden program is committed to offering community members access to healthy growing spaces, enhancing opportunities for residents to develop a meaningful, educational, and productive relationship with the environment.  In addition to providing healthy spaces to grow food and local plants, we host workshops and offer resources to help growers successfully manage their gardens throughout the seasons.  Groundwork encourages gardeners to find their own unique and personal connection to their plots and the plants they steward.  We do not specify what members should grow in their plots. We do, however, have guidelines for growers to follow so that all can enjoy the same benefits of healthy, safe, and productive garden.

Groundwork Garden Community Garden Bylaws

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The current Groundwork Garden coordinator is Amanda Baez, Program Coordinator for Groundwork Rhode Island.  It is the responsibility of the coordinator to program the educational space of Groundwork’s Garden, steward the tree farm, and communicate issues of safety and maintenance (including water lines) to Groundwork’s Executive Director.  The coordinator is responsible for the waitlist and the proper and equitable distribution of garden plots as well as management of plot fees. The coordinator will respect and enforce the community garden bylaws.

You can contact Amanda at with any questions, comments or concerns