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Everett Pope

Harvest Cycle Education and Outreach VISTA


Everett Pope was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and takes deep pride in his city. He became involved in local politics 5 years ago, and his first endeavor was the Taft Street Community Garden. His work there inspired him to participate in the URI Master Gardener program last year and he is currently in the process of finishing his certification. He has volunteered for numerous campaigns in Pawtucket, including the “It’s Her Time” campaign to elect more women of color to city offices. After participating in Groundwork’s Adult Job Training program in 2019, he joined Harvest Cycle as a bike hauler, and is looking forward to a new role this year as Education and Outreach VISTA. He has found working for the Harvest Cycle program to be challenging but so rewarding. He is proud to have been part of creating a 100 percent sustainable company, and hopes that the flag we have planted sticks and expands throughout not just Providence, Pawtucket and Central falls, but the nation as a whole.