GroundСorp Landscape

GroundCorp, the social venture of  Groundwork Rhode Island, is a landscape design-build and maintenance service. Fully-insured and licensed as a contractor in the state of Rhode Island, GroundCorp provides valuable, paid, hands-on work experience to graduates of our job training program as they search for permanent employment. Under the management of the Director of Field Operations, GroundCorp engages in both small-scale residential and larger-scale community landscape design and installation projects. Projects demonstrate urban landscape restoration and stormwater management best practices, contributing to the health and vitality of the people and places in Rhode Island’s urban communities.

GroundCorp’s primary list of services and specialties includes:
–          Green Infrastructure Installs
–          Landscape Design
–          Landscape Construction
–          Landscape Maintenance
–          Depaving
–          Rain Barrels
–          Stormwater Management
–          Rain Gardens
–          Raised Gardens
–          Compost/Mulch/Stone Install
–          Mobile Watering Service
–          Urban Landscape Restoration
–          Lead-Safe Yard Retrofits
–          Residential Food Scrap Collection Service (composting)

For examples of GroundCorp’s recent work, please check out our Facebook page at:

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