The Hope Tree Nursery was recently constructed on a parcel of polluted land on the West Side of Providence on Sprague Street. The nursery was constructed by bringing a water line and irrigation system onto the parcel, which was remediated by placing an 18 inch cap of clean fill on top of polluted soil. The nursery holds 290 native and diverse trees in pots. The trees will grow in the pots for two years and then be sold to residents at cost.   Replacement saplings will be grown in the pots until they mature and become more valuable. As opposed to the traditional model of purchasing trees grown in nurseries as far away as Oregon, the model of the Hope Tree Nursery reduces the carbon footprint by making trees available in the impacted urban environment. Groundwork Rhode Island hopes to replicate the Hope Tree Nursery in other neighborhoods in Providence characterized by overuse of asphalt and low tree canopy.  As the first financially self-sustaining nursery constructed on a brownfield in the United States, the Hope Tree Nursery establishes a national replicable model for cities struggling with low tree canopy.  This community project was funded by the Helen Walker Raleigh Tree Trust.

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