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Groundwork Rhode Island and the Pawtucket Central Falls Health Equity Zone (PCF HEZ) is working hand-in-hand with the municipalities, residents, businesses, and schools to plant 140 trees in the PCF neighborhoods with the hottest temperatures and least number of trees.

Groundwork RI is now looking to identify and prioritize all 140 locations to plant in spring/fall 2021. If you are a PCF resident, business owner, or school personnel, please contact Program Coordinator, Leandro Castro, at if you are interested in getting a free tree for your property.

You can also sign up using the following link: 

Who can get a free tree?

Property owners AND renters in the cities of Pawtucket and Central Falls are eligible for free trees. We plan to plant trees on public and private property. 

How many free trees can I have? 

Typically 1–3 trees per property, but we can plant more on large properties.

When and how will I get my free tree?

To receive a tree, we require the property owner to sign a permission to plant. Delivery and planting is 100% free. Trees are planted in the spring and the fall. Our team will schedule a visit and recommend the best free tree for your home and property.

Where on my property will my free tree get planted?

When our team visits your property, we will work together to choose the best planting location (your front or back yard, the public right-of-way, a paved area that can be de-paved, etc.) along with the best tree species for your property. 

Who will maintain the tree after planting?

Groundwork RI will provide a quick tree care training for you, and ask that you help water the tree in its first year of planting. Our team can also develop a schedule to help water and maintain the tree.

Why are we planting trees?

American Forests awarded the Pawtucket Central Falls Health Equity Zone (HEZ) a $100,000 Trees for Human Health grant, allowing HEZ partner, Groundwork RI, to plant trees at no cost to residents. 

The project’s goal is to achieve Tree Equity, defined as the right number of trees so all people, regardless of neighborhood, experience the health, economic, and other benefits of trees.

Thank you to our funders!

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Bank of America
RI Foundation
RI Department of Health
American Forests

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